Upriver, Downriver Books & MediaNeighbours
are proud to release our new book:

Self-Publishing Wizard or Wannabe: 
How to Hire the Best Editor, Designer, or Book Guide

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 Written for authors and self-publishers, this concise guide saves money, time, and frustration when creating quality books that attract readers, win awards, and sell.

 You'll learn:
  • To hire exceptional editors, designers, and others
  • Industry standards and terminology
  • Specific, telltale signs that distinguish true wizards 
  • Which questions to ask when interviewing candidates 
This book is based on our experience at MediaNeighbours, where our team has been helping authors publish since the beginning of the self-publishing revolution. We stay current with trends, changing technology, and numerous publishing perspectives.  
We edit, design, and produce superior books and ebooks that win awards for both content and design, such as:
  • Ben Franklin
  • Foreword Reviews INDIEFAB Book of the Year
  • Eric Hoffer Award & the Montaigne Medal
  • IPPY
  • National Indie Excellence
  • Nautilus
  • New Apple
  • NM/Arizona Book Awards
  • NMBA Southwest Book Design Award for Excellence
  • MS Magazine Ten Best Feminist Books
  • Poynter Global Ebook Award
  • 50 Great Writers You Should Be Reading